Haven White Whitening Soap

Gets rid of all dead cells. It purifies and eliminates stains and skin imperfections. It’s for all skin types. It helps lightens the body perfectly without skin irritations.

  • Lightens
  • Exfoliates
  • Brightens
  • Gets rid of dead cells on the skin
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Haven White Whitening Soap for body skin contains an ingredient of concentration “Papaya & Carrot” with Vitamin B and Vitamin C. It helps to lighten and radiant skin and cleans the skin without drying and tightening skin, as well as prepares the skin to white naturally. Haven White soap serves as a tonic for the skin and helps to reduce dryness, to give you your naturally glowing skin color, it removes dark marks and premature aging¬† (especially around the neck). Also, it helps in skin cell regeneration

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Orange/Papaya, White


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