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Frequently Asked Questions about Skin Care


1. Why should I take bath twice daily?

Our skin is subject to different influences every day – it dries out fast after showering and environmental influences place a strain on it. Therefore, it’s important that you hydrate your skin. All Givanas skincare products from Ivory Soap as well as Haven White Soap and Hala Soap provide your skin with moisturising ingredients

2. Are Ivory Soap products also suitable for the face?

All Ivory Soap fragrances have a wide range of facial treatment ingredients. so we’d advise you to use any of them to wash your face or bath

3. How often should I use handwash soap?

How often you wash and moisturize your hands with a handwash depends on the stresses they receive and your own individual moisturizing needs. Simply wash & moisturize your hands regularly to keep them soft and supple, with April Handwash of course. 

4. What Givanas Industry body products can be used safely during pregnancy to massage stretch marks? 

Due to its high amount of caring oils, Ivory Beauty Soap is ideal for bathing during the pregnancy. Furthermore, it provides a soft feeling when rubbing stretch marks. It can be used on dry and wet skin for showers.

5. Why do hands need a special moisturizing product?

Our hands are subject to different environmental influences, detergents, and washing every day. Since we are constantly in motion, a hand cream should not only moisturize, but also be absorbed quickly.

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