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The Best Care Tips For Beautiful Skin

  • During the cold season, our skin needs extra care to keep it soft and beautiful. 

  • Even if it is very tempting to spend ages in a hot bath, avoid taking baths that are too hot or too long. Showering too frequently or spending a long time in the bath can affect the skin’s protective acid layer and make the natural corneal layer more permeable – this means that harmful substances can get in more easily. 

  • That’s why you should ensure that the water temperature is no higher than 32 degrees during your bath. 

  • Use the right bathing such as Ivory Beauty Soap for every shower. This contains gentle hydro wax, which blends into the skin as soon as it is applied, ensuring intensive and long-lasting care, without leaving a greasy feeling on the skin. Your skin will immediately feel soft and supple. 

  • Additional moisture boost: Once a week, use a body scrub and then apply a real moisture boost – this will make your skin feel firmer and look healthier.

  • The skin on our faces is something quite special: choosing the right care depends on your skin type. 


Some areas of skin dry out more quicker than others. These need additional care all year round, not just during the colder months. Prevent feelings of tightness and itching by using creams and body lotions from the NIVEA Repair & Care range. These contain the provitamin dexpanthenol, which plays a major role in the skin’s metabolism and prevents moisture loss in the skin by strengthening the skin’s barrier.

Treat your skin to rich care and you’ll be rewarded with beautiful skin. Do you have particularly dry elbows? Try rubbing them with a lemon. This is a natural scrub with citric acid. As it does not contain any rough exfoliating granules, it is particularly gentle on the skin.


  • Traditionally, it has been said that you can tell a woman’s real age from the skin on her neck and upper chest area, as well as her hands. 

  • To make yourself look years younger, it is important to give your skin plenty of care.

  • That’s why you should use Flawless body lotion by Givanas Cosmetics. This will give you firm and youthful-looking skin. 

  • To prevent small impurities from affecting the skin’s appearance, try using a scrub. 

  • You should use a scrub around twice a week on the neck and upper chest area. Use a facial scrub for this, as body scrubs can be too rough.

  • This will remove dead skin cells, improve the skin’s appearance and restore the skin’s radiant glow. 

  • Moisturizing masks are just as suitable for this. Apply these to the neck and upper chest area while taking a relaxing bath and treat your skin to an extra dose of moisture, making it look instantly refreshed.

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